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    Diplomatic Center Mercedes-Benz

    Special conditions for ambassadors, diplomatic corps, members of international organizations and employees of permanent missions with legitimation cards B, C, D, E, G, I, K, L, O, P AND S

    In addition to the Star bonus and other tax deduction, we offer you an additional discount from 9 to 29,5%. An additional discount can also be applied accordingly to the type of vehicle acquired.

    Tax-exemption on all people moving vehicles and on van and light trucks.

    Customer benefit

    A brand new Mercedes-Benz purchased from an official dealer in Switzerland is covered by a warranty of 3 years and benefit from free servicing within 10 years;these advantages are covered until 100’000 Km (Mercedes Swiss Integral).

    We remain at your disposal for a personal offer. In the meantime, please book your test-drive today and enjoy the exclusive delight of driving a Mercedes-Benz.


    Special conditions for pro-government institutions / organizations and diplomat handing.

    • Attractive terms and conditions apply to vehicles purchased for private use.
    • Every diplomat is entitled to purchase one vehicle annually.
    • A diplomatic passport from the foreign ministry as well as the accreditation certificate from the host country should be available
    • Our dedicated Diplomatic Sales Office in Stuttgart is staffed by experienced specialists.
    Diplomatic Center  Mercedes-Benz

    Non-governmental organizations

    All members of an international organization have the right to purchase one vehicle per year under special conditions.

    When ordering, a copy of the service card and the accreditation of the host country must be presented.

    International Organisations & Embassies

    Official vehicles for international organisations, embassies, consulates, government institutions and permanent representations around the world benefit from attractive conditions.

    Pennant holders can be added to G-Class, E-Class and S-Class models.

    Diplomatic Center  Mercedes-Benz

    Members of International Organisations

    Vehicles for private use benefit from attractive terms and conditions.

    • All employees of international organisations with special status are entitled to purchase one vehicle per year subject to special conditions.
    • A copy of the special pass should be made available together with a certificate of accreditation from the host country.

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