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Many of you came to the Restaurant La Braceria at the Hostellerie de la Vendée today (Friday 5 February 2016) for a VIP cocktail around the Mercedes AMG GT and AMG GT-S .

The display was composed of two AMG GT Black, a GT-S Black and an AMG GT-S Yellow Solarbeam which knew how to attract the glances and the attention of the guests present. The special design of the AMG GT plays a considerable role here; the inner riches being most of the time perceptible only at second glance. The lines and surfaces of the AMG GT display an uncompromising purity that charmed everyone present.

We would like to thank you for the loyalty you show to the Chevalley Group , and for coming in such large numbers to share this convivial moment under a beautiful sun.

We would also like to thank La Braceria of the Hostellerie de la Vendée for its warm welcome, the quality of the service and the refinement of the dishes offered.